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The oldest country in the world, Japan. A journey that touches Japanese history, roots, spirituality of Japanese people. Would you like to go to an accommodation experience where you can experience lodging in a shrine where you can not stay normally in a guide book?


What’s “BunPaku”?

“Bun” means “culture”, “Paku” means “staying”. We named “BunPaku” a traveling experience where you can stay at Japan’s cultural assets of Hongomono and experience Japanese culture. By experiencing “BunPaku”, you can know deep Japanese that you can not understand from outside.
Many people come to answer “I like you” when asking travelers from overseas, “Do you like Japan?” When asking why “I like” why “I like”, he tells me that “care for others” “politeness” “heart of hospitality” “cleanliness” “harmony with nature”.
All these are “Japanese culture” at the root, it is also a thing that you simply go to the historic sites and you do not know even if you take a picture. So, we planned “BunPaku” and thought about a program that would allow me to meet a deeper aspect of Japan.
For example, “Shinto shrine”, the main lodging place, is the oldest agglomeration place of Japanese culture, staying here and listening to the story of the priest and doing some work is a source of Japanese way of thinking and customs It is an opportunity to explore “knowledge” without touching again. Conversely speaking, we do not recommend it for those who are not curious about Japanese culture and for those seeking content like ordinary hotel because they are considered to be unsatisfying accommodation facilities and services.


“BunPaku”  Image Video

It is about 1 minute of a video to tell the pleasure of “BunPaku”. (* Please be careful as sound comes out)

“BunPaku” Excursion Tour Video 1

“BunPaku” Excursion Tour Video 2

How was it, would not it be fun? Well, if you come to Japan, why not experience “BunPaku”?

BunPaku Navigator: Four Komachi sisters 

The four Komachi sisters are incarnation our Bunpaku.

First of all ,we really want to share with people around the world our favorite things about Japan . Such as the uniqueness and richness of Japanese culture and way of thinking.
It will catch your eyes more, especially on the travel BLOG .
Thank you in advance for your help.

Eldest daughter: Ms. Otaka

She is a vagabond that has traveled around the world.
As soon as she think of it , she want to do it.
She likes Kimono and that collection is over 100.
And she is “otaku” of Shinto and Buddhism .
She is planning to draw in her sisters to “otaku” secretly.

Second daughter: Ms. Oryo

She brimming with curiosity and seeking for new discoveries.
She is “back street lover” in the stroll and traveling destination.
She always talkative and makes other sisters have fun.
She is a foodie because she enjoy a couple of several restaurants for eat speciality of each place on the trip.

Third daughter: Ms. Ichiko

She is like a coordinator for four sisters.
She seems like a stable person but sometimes seems absent mind.
So actually she is careless person.
She is very interested in Japanese local traditional dishes.
Basically she is an indoor person but she can show splendid acting power when she made up her mind.

Youngest daughter: Ms. Ofuji

She is very interested in something new and something unknown.
She is an outdoorsy person who loves travel.
She often goes on a trip and doesn’t tell anyone about that .
So other sisters worried about her each and every time.
She is a foodie and love to eat B-grade gourmet what is cheap but tasty local food.


BunPaku Producer Makiko Asaedamakiko asaeda

I was born in Ehime prefecture.
I did independence after working for a company at an advertising agency and a major media company.

I went to US for study when I was high school that was opportunity for reconsider Japanese good point.

Now I became a parent and I started “BunPaku” project what is Japanese culture share with inside and outside of Japan.
That project from the point of view of how to make it sounds like “like father , like son”.

I could be develop an understanding of the culture and re-edit new discoveries and values to the old things by an objective viewpoint in the project.
Also I aiming the activity that cooperated with local people.

President and CEO Komachi Terrace Co., Ltd.
Makiko Asaeda